15 lakh stolen votes in AP

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has alleged that there have been massive irregularities in the voter lists in Andhra Pradesh like nowhere else in the country.

TDP chief Chandrababu Vinathi told the Central Election Commission that after the voter’s list is purged,
the identity of the parties that have done wrong
in the election should be revoked.

Today, Delhi: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has alleged that massive irregularities have taken place in the voter lists in Andhra Pradesh like nowhere else in the country. He said that 15 lakh stolen votes have come to light in the investigation conducted by TEDP so far. They doubted that the number could be even higher. They demanded that the full commission of the Central Election Commission should visit the state and inspect it. On Monday, he along with Central Election Commission Chief Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, Commissioners Anupchandra Pandey and Arun Goyal complained about irregularities in the voter lists in the state. Met with them for about an hour. Along with the 11-page petition, they have submitted the evidence they have collected so far.

Later he spoke to reporters. “More manipulations are taking place in Andhra Pradesh than anywhere else in the country. Therefore the full commission should visit the state and inspect it. A mechanism should be established to conduct free and fair elections. Verification of voter list should be done in depth. If necessary, a high power committee should be formed. Observers should be sent from other states. A technical expert should be appointed for control as the names are removed from the computers remotely and the stolen names are added. Elections should be conducted only after the electoral roll is purged. The Election Commission is responsible for controlling parties who violate the rules. EC also has the power to revoke recognition if necessary. It has the power to remove erring officials from their jobs and send them to jail. If the commission works hard, everyone will lead.

He said that the election authority itself is not protected 

I met the Central Election Commission as part of the process of preserving democracy. Nowhere in history has a party taken away the votes of sympathizers. Now it is happening. Bogus election identity cards were printed during the Tirupati Lok Sabha by-election. We complained with evidence but no action was taken. State officials have not responded to the Election Commission’s recommendation for action. 80% unanimously threatened not to file nominations in local body elections. The police and the authorities helped it. In fact, the state election commissioner said that he was not protected. Recently, in the Pattabhadra MLC elections, voters were admitted and voted with fake certificates. Democracy was killed in Tirupati Municipal, Lok Sabha, Graduate MLC and Town Bank elections.

It is America that says there are no civil rights 

They have made a habit of undermining the opposition, filing cases against the activists and harassing them even if they respond on social media. The entire administrative system is being terrorized. Posting is not given to those who spoke. ACB is attacking the employees who rebelled. NGO leaders are being put in jail with old cases. They are threatening the employees to do wrong work. A case of attempted murder was filed against me. Seeing the harassment of those who posted on social media, the American government also said that Andhra Pradesh has no civil rights and no freedom of speech. The media is being undermined. 

Conspiracy to keep teachers away from elections

The Election Commission has been conducting elections for many years following clear procedures. Experienced officers and teachers are used. Vaikapa leaders are trying to leave them aside and hand over the responsibilities of elections to the newly brought panchayat secretaries. We asked not to accept it. Central Election Commission understands.

Details of voters in private hands

Vaikapa leaders are collecting voter data through volunteers and sending it to a private agency. The votes of TDP sympathizers are being eliminated. All these matters have been brought to EC’s attention. The Election Commissioners were shocked when they were informed that the future building in Chandragiri Constituency had just been notified as a polling station. Booth level officers are going door to door and distributing votes without testing. Vaikapa agents and volunteers are doing as they are told. As a responsible political party, we have brought it to the attention of the Election Commission to protect democracy. It is the Election Commission’s responsibility to correct them. We said that if it is left like this, there is a chance that someone will do the same in the country in the future.

40 thousand votes deleted in Visakha

40 thousand votes were deleted in Visakhapatnam and 5,300 votes in Machilipatnam for not following the rules. Although the state election officer told them to investigate and take appropriate action, the officials did not take any action. It is not enough to take action against the two officials for the incident in Uravakonda. More than 15 lakh stolen votes were added in the state. We have submitted the related CD to the Election Commission. Hundreds of votes were included with zero door numbers, no door numbers and shop door numbers. We have given the evidences related to this including names and towns. Aadhaar should be linked with voter card. If Aadhaar is used, there will be no chance of election crimes,” said Chandrababu. 

EC white paper should be released

Chandrababu was angry that Vaikapa came on the same day as they complained to the Central Election Commission. He alleged that this is to divert people’s attention, ‘On the basis of the evidence given by us and the complaint given by Vaikapa, the Election Commission should conduct a fact finding and release a white paper. Chandrababu demanded that it should be clarified who is at fault. Chandrababu was accompanied by party MPs Galla Jayadev, Rammohan Naidu, Keshineni Nani, Kanakamedala Ravindrakumar, former MP Kambhampati Rammohan Rao and others.