Six member gang among 3 women arrested for stealing Silk Sarees from Showrooms on pretext of prospective customers

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya 


he Central Division police on Wednesday caught a six members gang that were stealing Silk Sarees from showrooms on the pretext of prospective customers .

The arrested accused have been identified as Bharath, Smitha, Shivram Prasad, Venkatesh, Rani and Shivakumar.

The accused including three women from Andhra Pradesh,would visit showrooms in the central business districts posing and asking for expensive saris for the wedding asking the salesmen to show expensive sarees.

The accused would check over 100 Sarees and keep the staff busy while other members steal the most expensive sarees diverting the attention of the staff and leave.

The other members after checking the sarees,leave the showroom without any purchase.The racket came to light when one of the showroom staff noticed the sarees missing and checked the CCTV footage and complained to the police.

Based on the complaint,the police analyzed several CCTV footage and track down the accused based on the vehicle they used to commute.

With their arrest the police have solved three cases reported in Cubbon park,Ashok Nagar and High grounds police station limits.

The police have also recovered sarees worth Rs.10 lakh from them and further investigations are on to track down three more accused who are on the run.