Education is not just learning to read and write. Education which teaches to be sensitive to socio-economic issues must be taught: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

*Studies and researches should not decay in libraries.

*Universities should develop scientific and rational thinking in young men and women along with providing higher education and knowledge.

*Person coming out from the university, should have the strength to bear the responsibility of the society. Such knowledge must be gained.It is not at all education,if it has to compromise with social and economic situation that was prevailing in pre-independence period.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that Graduates should not be influenced by any caste,religion or language.efforts are made to review the National Education Policy.

He was speaking at a meeting held with the Vice Chancellors and officials of the department held at the conference hall, Vidhan Soudha,today.

It is not possible to bring a Uniform education system in our country due to diversity in language,culture and other factors.The CM hoped that Vice chancellors understood our socio-economic situation.

Ambedkar has said that equality can be brought in the country only when social democracy becomes the foundation to political democracy.The CM opined that, the ability to build the equal society should be provided through universities.

Any activities and actions which are against the constitution should not take place in the universities.If the students coming out from universities are still ignorant and clung to the castes,then what they have got cannot be called education.

Education given in universities should not be religious, ignorant and conservative,but scientific and rational. Stating that he has come across some meetings and ceremonies held in some universities which attempt to berate the personality of freedom fighters,constitution writers and social thinkers.

Anti-secularism thinking should not be rewarded.Doing so will influence the students.Such programs should never be organized.It will not be possible to build a better society if higher education does not move in the right path.The CM said,an environment should be created to develop scientific and rational thinking in every student.

Such persons should not be considered while appointing guest lecturers.Students of the Universities should evolve into persons with humanity.

It should not happen like how Kuvempu once said that, everyone are vishwamanava when they are born,but they grow up becoming alpamananava,he said.

Establishing Universities in all districts despite financial deficits is not a good decision.It is of no use if the infrastructure is not provided.

When I was Chief Minister,more than 3% budget was allocated.Efforts will be made to provide more funds to the higher education sector from next year,the CM said..

There should be no lapse in imparting quality education.All solutions cannot be provided at once, but efforts will be made to solve all your problems, he assured.

The CM opined that the fruits of research should not remain in libraries.It should be reached to the society, only then research will be fruitful.