Let’s study in foreign universities for free!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Many students think of going abroad to study and get quality education. But they are unable to go due to various reasons. There is still fear of high fees.


Many students think of going abroad to study and get quality education. But they are unable to go due to various reasons. There is still fear of high fees. But many people do not know that there is a possibility to study in those universities without going there. Various courses can be done in these institutes through online. Let’s see the details!

Reputed foreign universities are offering some free online courses for all students across the world. These not only introduce the level of standards in their educational institutions but also help students master the fundamentals. Students enrolled in such courses can learn the basics in their preferred disciplines for free. Moreover, you will get the satisfaction of studying from a foreign university and you will get good opportunities in the job market. Most of these are integrated with online learning platforms. It means that the respective varsity teachers teach through these platforms.

Harvard University

It is the largest and oldest varsity in the Ivy League. It offers more than 600 courses for free to students. These courses are of a high standard and will give you an idea of what their education will be like. These are available with a duration of one to twelve weeks. One can learn different topics like literature, law, big data, social issues, personality development, leadership qualities, programming, game development, history, neuroscience.. Apart from this, basic concepts can be learned in modern technology courses like machine learning, Python language, game development and data science.

Georgia Institute of Technology

OurCiv Open Online Courses – This institute offers online courses through Max. Since then more than thirty lakh students have availed this facility. Moreover.. All these are courses which have competed and got top ranks in various ranking systems. The college offers 30 courses in Business, Computing, Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Supply Chain and Logistics. These include Data Analytics, Information and Communication, UX Design, Data Analysis, Health Informatics, Python, Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, Mechanics, Materials, Electronics, Machine Design, Analytics Modeling, Statistics, Innovation Leadership, Supply Chain Principles, etc. Many topics can be read. EdX, Coursera,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Courses in India are at graduate and post graduate levels. Engineering, Urban Studies, Management, Mathematics, Literature, Architecture, Geography, Cognitive Science, History, Aeronautics, Physics, Economics, Linguistics – Philosophy, Science and Technology, Anthropology, Media Studies, Biology, Nuclear Science, Chemistry, Physical A Education.. About 3 thousand courses are available on almost all kinds of subjects. Among these, the ones that can be directly downloaded and read, and the ones that are available in an interactive way are available separately. It is reputed that there is no other university better than this in order to learn scientific theories.

University of California

The varsity is offering courses in association with ADX organization . Since 2012, more than 40 lakh students from 150 countries have joined these courses. It also gives professional certificates. Business Writing, Electronics Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, English Literature, Journalism, Social Justice, Block Chain Technology, Crypto Currencies, Software Development… These courses, which last from hours to weeks, require a fee to obtain a professional certificate.

Michigan State University

Courses like photography, music, game development, script writing, mindware, journalism, writing, pixel art, creativity, business can be done . As you can see… all this university has to offer is different from traditional studies! These programs are made available so that the students who want to know about them can get information easily. Completion certificate will be obtained after completion of these. You can study as many hours as you want in a week. Can be completed in about 6 months.

California Institute of the Arts

Students can do specialized programs from this arts college. If you want credits and certificates, you have to pay a fee. Programs like Freelancing Business, Game Design, Graphic Design, Music Theory – Technology, Poetry, UI/UX Design, Web Design can be done from the Coursera platform.

University College of London

It is one of the top colleges in UK . It is ranked eighth in the recently released QS World University Rankings. In this, more than 170 programs like Anthropology, Citizen Science, Culture, Health… can be studied online. Almost free. Fees are required for some special programs.