Collision with another bike while wheeling Young woman died,another seriously injured in Devanahalli,8 Wheelie Wonkers booked and bikes seized by Airport Traffic police 

Pramesh S Jain

A young woman was killed in a collision between two bikes while doing bike wheeling near Mylapur Chennapur Gate in Hosakote Taluk of Bangalore Rural District. 

The accident took place while the group of 20 young men going to Coffee Day in Kolar from Bengaluru and two people were seriously injured in the incident.

A group of more than 20 young men and women were going from Bangalore to Coffee Day in Kolar by bikes.

They were performing dangerous wheeling on the roads and doing jolly rides.However,the two bikes hit each other when they were wheeling near Mylapur Chennapur gate in Hoskote taluk.

As a result, a young woman fell on the road and got serious head injuries and died on the spot,while a young man and a young woman were seriously injured.

The injured have been admitted to a private hospital in Hoskote.After the incident,the friends who were with him escaped with their bike.

In the background of Independence Day, the wheeling epidemic on the highways has started since morning.

A young man was killed and another seriously injured in a head-on collision between bikes while wheeling on Karahalli road in Devanahalli taluk of the district said a senior officer.

Meanwhile the DCP Traffic North,Sachin Ghorpade said in his tweet,@blrcitytraffic @CPBlr @Jointcptraffic In a Special Drive against Wheelie on International Airport Road.Seized 8 bikes and booked FIR against the riders.

We will write to RTO to cancel DL and RC books. In case of minor riders FiR is booked against the parents he said.