Two bike borne miscreants robbed a farmer & snatched 8 gms of gold chain in Bengaluru

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Two bike borne men robbed a 26-year-old farmer and his friend from Dharmapuri in the outskirts of the city while they were on their way to city market to sell mangoes on Thursday night.

The victm,Shiva Kamaresan,and his friend Karthik Chittibabu were on the way to city market with a truck load of Mango.

The duo stopped the vehicle for a break near Thirumagonanahalli gate at around 8 pm when two men on white colored bike confronted them .

Before the duo could react ,the accused threatened them with beer bottle and demanded to handover the valuables .

The accused snatched a gold chain weighing 8 grams from Shiva and tried to frisk them sending trouble the duo began to run leaving the truck behind.

The accused chase the duo on the bike for few yards , but by then the Shiva and Karthik spotted two policemen patrolling and rushed to wards them.The duo along with the police returned to the truck and found the duo was missing .

The duo was taken to Suryanagar police station where they filed a complaint.The police are trying to track down the duo based on the physical description

provided by the victim.