Panic gripped among parents as girl student complains that a boy student behaved indecently in classroom

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

Panic gripped among the parents who gathered at the Basaveshwara Nagar police to complaint against the private school after an 8th standard girl student told her mother that the boy students had flashed before the girl students and behaved indecently in the classroom.

The parents demanded the police to conduct a detailed probe and take action prompting the police to rushed to the school and conducted a detailed probe before announcing it as false alarm.

The police team along with the officials of the education department analyzed the CCTV footage and questioned the school staff but they did not find anything .

The parents who complained about the indecent behaviour were also called and shown the CCTV footage.

The parents then confronted the girl who changed her statement and said that she got to know from her classmate and told her parents .

The police will be visiting the school again on Thursday for counselling and second round of inquiry .