Whitefield Division Police are again in dock for extorting money and this is third case in last 1 year

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Kerala Police arrested Whitefield CEN Police Inspector among four for allegedly extorting money from the suspect related to a job racket fraud.

Police Inspector,Shivaprakash,attached to Whitefield Cyber crime police station along with his three staff have been booked for allegedly demanding Rs.3 lakh from the suspect related to a job racket fraud in Kalamcheri police station limits in Kochi,when they went to secure the arrest of the accused on Monday .

Based on the complaint,the Kalamcheri PS,in Kochi have registered an Extortion case against for further investigation.

On June 14,the Whitefield cyber crime police had registered a case of job fraud based on the complaint filed by Chandaka Srikanth.He had lost Rs 26 lakh related to the online job racket .

During the course of Investigation it was found that Rs. 10000 was transferred to one private (ICICI) bank account belonging to a person by name Issac from Madikeri.

During the interrogation he said that this account was opened on the behest of one person by name Rajesh who in turn told that it was Pares and Nishanth from kerala who told him to do so.

The police investigations found that it was Naushad of Mannapuram,Kerala who was running the racket .

Armed with the information,Inspector Shivaprakash along with three of his staff Vijaykumar and Shivani , Head constables and Police Constable,Sandesh left for Kerala in search of Naushad on last Monday and picked up Naushad at Vengara,Kerala on Tuesday .

Based on his information,the police also picked up two more suspects Nikhil and Akhil from Ernakulam in (pallurthi PS) and informed the jurisdictional police about the arrest .

On Wednesday,the Kalamcheri Police called PI Whitefield CEN Shivaprakash and his three staff to the police station that they had demanded Rs.3 lakh from the suspect Akhil and that the cash was found in his swift car.Later Akhil conveyed this issue to a Lawyer who complained to the Kochi Police.

Presently,the Kalamcheri PS have registered an Extortion case against the CEN Police Inspector Shivaprakash and his three staff for further investigations,a senior police officer in whitefield division said .

Corruption among the police officials in Whitefield Division is on the rise as they kidnap and extort money and this is the third case reported since last year.

In March,PSI,Rangesh and two head constables tried to extort Rs.40 lakh from a man who was abducted and threatened with a criminal case related to wildlife act.

In April 2022 the Karnataka Police Complaints Authority to express concern over the complaints against Assistant Commissioner of Police,Kishore Bharani of Marathahalli Sub Division and police constable P Ramesh for their alleged involvement in real estate matters.

ACP Kishore Bharani and police constable P Ramesh had been accused of compelling a complainant to withdraw the complaint filed against them.

Recently a petition was filed against the same ACP Kishore Bharani alleging that he has extorted huge amount of money and regarding the same a petition and complaint against the ACP Kishore Bharani was filed to karnataka DG-IGP and commissioner of police to take action against the ACP.

This ACP chooses to serve only in East Division as now he has been posted as ACP East Traffic as in the same Jurisdiction after many allegations against this officer then also Home department has given posting to this officer in East Division area .