Puttenahalli Police arrested a gang and busted high level honey trap racket trapping gullible people through telegram app

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Puttenahalli police on Tuesday arrested a gang of three who are running a honey trap racket and trapping gullible people through telegram app .

The accused have been identified as Prakash Baligar, Abdul Khadar,Yaseen along with Neha Mehar and her boyfriend Nadeem.

Senior officer told reporters,the accused have rented out a house in Vinayakanagar from where Neha would trap youth aged between 25 to 30 on telegram app and invite them home.

She would welcome the victims clad in bikini and become physical with them.This is just to facilitate recording from the hidden camera,which would be used for blackmail.

Within minutes as per the plan,the accused Prakash, Khadar and Yaseen barged into the house on the pretext of catching the duo red handed and create ruckus .

They later threaten the victim and blackmail with videos and extort money.

Using the modus operandi the accused in the last six months trapped over a dozen people and extort lakhs of rupees threatened to upload the videos on social media and inform their relatives and friends .

Fearing social stigma many not complained but a private firm employee unable to bear their harassment, mustered courage and filed a complaint .

Based on the complaint the police track down Prakash, Khadar and Yaseen and recovered Rs.20,000 from their account while efforts are on to track down Neha and Nadeem who are on the run.