Jewellery shop owner cooked up story of 3.7 kg gold theft to claim insurance & earn Rs.4 Crore arrested by Cottonpet police

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

T he Cottonpet police have arrested a 22-year-old jeweler who cooked up a story of 3.7 kilos of gold jewellery to sell and also claim insurance with a plan to earn Rs.4 Crore in one shot.

The accused has been identified as,Raj Jain owner of Kesar Jewellers of Nagarthpet.

Senior officer told reporters,However a meticulous investigations carried out by the cottonpet police inspector Balaraj G and his team kept a close watch on his movements and led to his arrest and recovered the sold valuables .

The accused Raj Jain,owner of Kesar Jewellers on Nagarathpet on July 12 barged into the station and complained that two of his employees were attacked and robbed by two bike borne men and made away with bag full of gold jewelries worth Rs.2 Crore on city market flyover .

The police swung into action and visited the spot and questioned the victims who were minors.Inspector Balaraj G,who visited the scene of crime found there was no CCTV coverage on the particular stretch where the alleged robbery occurred .

The police team however scrutinized technical detailed gathered from in and around and kept a close watch on Raj jain before zeroing in on him.

It was a one month detailed plan prepared by Raj Jain in order to make a quick money,He heard a story from his friend about how he has availed the insurance for the gold theft occurred in Hyderabad and planned to cook up similar stories.

He watched incidents related to robbery and selected a place on City market flyover where there was no CCTV coverage.

The accused trained the employees of his staff who are minors and also his relatives offering them money and even booked bus tickets to Hyderabad and even created fake invoices and bills, to create an alibi to say that the bag is being taken to Hyderabad to give it to his customers .

The two employees were tutored to push the bike on ground on reaching the spot when no one was around and shift the jewel box to another scooter .

Raj even told them to call him on his mobile number from the spot so that the call was registered to make it look like the act is genuine.

After filing the complaint,Raj walked home and recovered the jewels and sold the same to his customers in Hyderabad worth around Rs.1.7 crore .

The accused using the FIR copy applied for the insurance cover of Rs.2 crore.

City police commissioner B.Dayananda,Addl CP West, Satheesh Kumar,DCP West,Laxman B Nimbargi,ACP,KC Giri,appreciated the Cottonpet Police inspector,Balaraj G and his whole team for cracking the case and recovering the valuables a suitable reward will be given to whole team for their excellent and meticulous investigation in cracking the case and nabbing the Jewellery shop owner who cooked up fake story to claim insurance is now cooling his heels in jail.