Bengaluru Police Seizes Synthetic Drugs worth Rs.18 Crore in the month of July booked 378 cases, arrested 474 Indian and 13 Foreign Nationals Drug peddlers

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)


ontinuing crack down on the drug cases the city police in the month of July alone booked 378 cases arrested 474 people including 47 inter-state peddlers 474 indian and 13 foreign nationals .

Giving a details of the drive against drug cases,City Police Commissioner B.Dayananda,told reporters that the police have also deported 11 foreign nationals in this month who are found overstaying and involved in anti social activities .

Among the seized drugs which is estimated to be around 18 crore,Marijuana topped the list with 1723 kilos seized by the city police from across the city.

In addition to this 55.8 kilos of opium,40 grams of heroine,1.2 kilos of Hashish oil,467 grams of charas, 570 grams of cocaine,3.1 kilos of MDMA including 572 tablets and 43 LSD strips.

The city police also conducted special drive against sale of tobacco products in and around schools and colleges and booked 45 cases against the shops and 32 cases against the people found consuming tobacco products in the vicinity.

The police have slapped a fine of Rs.5.9 lakh against the violators .

This apart the police have conducted campaign at 118 schools and colleges in the month of July to create awareness among the students against drugs and its ill effect he added.