Businessman held for punishing his three year old daughter in brutal way arrested by Cottonpet police

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Cottonpet police have arrested a businessman who was caught on camera punishing his three-year-old daughter in brutal way.

The accused tied the legs of his three year old daughter and suspended her from terrace of the four storeyed residential building ups and down in an attempt to discipline her for around 30 minutes on Saturday .

A concerned neighbour noticing the brutal act,recorded the act and posted in on social media with a tittle : butcher” prompting the police to spring to action.

Based on the video evidence,Police Sub Inspector , Kavyashree,located the address and rushed to the spot and found that the accused is father of the girl and he was trying to discipline her.

Senior officer told reporters the accused, a businessman from Rajasthan was living with his family near Raghavendra Lodge on Cottonpet main road,He had a guest and offered them sweets .

However the victim who had cold and congestion started demanding chocolate which was refused due to her health condition.

The victim started wailing and throwing tantrums in front of the guests which embarrassed the couple and the guests.

Frustrated father took the child to the terrace on the pretext of consoling her and punished in brutal way in a bid to discipline her,a senior officer,said .

The accused charged under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act and produced before the Child welfare committee for counselling .