Bengaluru: Woman alleges Rapido driver sexually harrased midway, sent ‘Love You’ texts arrested

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Rapido taxi service in the dock again as a bike driver not only sexually harassed a woman passenger during a trip but started texting her with inappropriate messages .

Taking a serious exception for this behaviour,the victim,raised the complaint on social media tagging the city police and Rapido company led them to initiate action.

In complaint,the victim,said that she booked a Rapido bike to take her home after attending a protest against Manipur violence from town hall .

She was taken a back when the driver arrived on a different bike than the one mentioned on the app.He explained that his registered vehicle was under servicing.

Convinced with the reply,she proceeded with the ride after checking the driver’s app to confirm the booking.

The incident came to light when the victim noticed the driver started masturbating on a lonely stretch of the road.

She also noticed the duo had reached a remote area with no other vehicles around.Shockingly,the driver began riding with one hand and engaging in inappropriate behavior (Masturbating while riding the bike).

Fearing for my safety,I remained silent throughout the ordeal,”she wrote in her complaint on social media .

She paid for the bike taxi online and asked the driver to drop her off about 200 metres away from her house so as not to give away her address,but her ordeal did not end there.

“Once the ride was over,he started relentlessly calling and messaging me on WhatsApp.I had to block his number to stop the harassment,” she said.

The victim demanded the rapido company to conduct background check of the drivers before hiring them.
The city police have directed the complanit to SJ Park police who were in touch with their counteraparts of the electronic city and track down the driver and legal action will be taken as per law.

it may be recalled that a a woman who had booked the bike taxi jumped off and sustained injuries to avoid sexual advances of the driver in Yelahanka new town on April 21.