Japan: India’s inseparable partner in the Indo-Pacific: Japan

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar made interesting comments at the India-Japan Forum conference. Just when everyone thinks the work of the quad is over, it comes with double the force.


Internet Desk: Foreign Affairs Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said that India is an inseparable partner of Japan in the Indo-Pacific. He reached Delhi yesterday for a two-day visit. He spoke at the India-Japan Forum today. He said that relations with India will be further strengthened in the future. He said that trying to forcefully change the status quo in the Indo-Pacific region would not be tolerated. The announcement made by the leaders of the member countries at the G-7 conference held in Hiroshima in May was recalled on this occasion.

Hayashi noted that Japan is very excited to work together to make India’s G20 leadership a success. They have focused on the soon to be held intergovernmental forum. He commented that the call to respect international laws will remain a mere slogan if the problems of the poor countries described as the Global South are not addressed.

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In this program, the Minister of External Affairs of India S. Jaishankar said that Japan is an ally of India. He revealed that he is optimistic about Quad. “Each quad meeting is held on the basis of agenda. It makes us work on different topics. There are many thoughts on where we are headed. It is not going the same way as the Alliance that emerged between 1945-50. We revamped the quad in 2017. It is said that every six months this alliance is broken… but every time it is reborn it is stronger. “Quad will strengthen the agenda in every meeting,” he said. During this conference, the ministers of both the countries discussed terrorism, technology, people-to-people relations and modernization.