Civil war like situation in Indian state Manipur, mobile internet service suspended, a case of total governance failure

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:More than 200 people have lost their lives, and several injured since ethnic violence broke out in the state of Manipur on May 3, when a ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ was organised in the hill districts to protestagainst the Meitei community’s demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. Meiteis account for about 53 per cent of Manipur’s population and live mostly in the Imphal Valley, while tribals, which include Nagas and Kukis, constitute 40 per cent and reside mostly in the hill districts. Recently, two women being paraded naked and gangraped by a mob on May 4 in a Manipur village went viral, the Manipur Police have finally manage to arrest seven accused and out of those seven, one found minor.  The roiling party of Manipur is still trying to shield governance failure and trying to shift people’s eyes to other small unlawful incidents happened in some of the non-BJP states. The entire world is now witnessing the present violation of human rights at Manipur where females are being gangraped and paraded nude. West Bengal Chief Minister said that now zero importance to be given like the slogans like “BetiBachao” as in our country, females are being targeted, sexually assaulted every day. It also seems that centre is not taking any responsibility related to the lawless ness at Manipur and totally failure to stop the deadly violence at Manipur. The entire state is burning because of the governance failed at Manipur. Condemning Prime Minister Narendra Modi for expressing his concern over the Manipur crisis just by focusing on one single incident, former Vice president of the Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) Dr. S Ibomcha on July 23 asked him what action will be taken by the central government for allegedly burning his mother alive armed miscreants.He informed that his mother (late) Ibetombi, about 80 years, was burnt alive by armed miscreants at his house at Serou in Kakching District on May 28. The ground reality is  now clear and the  Manipur’s  situation is really going to give a hard shock to  BJP in the coming Lok Sabha polls result.