Pak Army: ‘Pakistanis should throw that shell aside’.. the country’s army chief’s comment

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Army Chief Asim Munir said that Pakistan should stop begging. It is noteworthy that Muneer made these comments while trying to get additional loan from China.


Internet Desk: Pakistan’s Army Chief General Asim Munir has advised Pakistan to stop relying on foreign loans. He said that he should learn to stand on his own feet. Speaking at a program held at the Khanewal Model Agriculture Farm, he said, “Pakistanis are enthusiastic, talented and proud. Pakistanis should definitely throw away the chippa (beggar’s bowl)” he commented. Asim Munir said that God has given all kinds of powers to Pakistan. He said that no force in the world could stop the progress of their country. He revealed that there is a mother-child relationship between the country and the people.

మాస్కోను వణికించిన ఉక్రెయిన్‌ డ్రోన్లు

Munir made it clear that the Pakistan Army will not rest until the current crisis is overcome. He predicted that soon Pakistan will see an agricultural revolution. He assured that they will set up model farms all over the country. These are beneficial to help small farmers in modern farming.

It is remarkable that the army chief made these comments at a time when Pakistan was ready to receive another huge loan from China. Recently, the country’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif intensified efforts to get another 600 million dollar loan. In the month of July alone, the government of Pakistan borrowed a total of 2.44 billion dollars. Among these are 2.07 billion dollars brought from China. 

Recently, the famous international rating agency Moody’s revealed the difficulties of Pakistan in its report. It is believed that the impact of lack of financial reserves faced by Pakistan… not only on the current financial year… will pose a formidable challenge to meet the needs of the country in the future. Pakistan owes $25 billion in principal and interest in the latest fiscal year. But, due to recent circumstances, the payment process has been postponed. Moody’s revealed that it will become more burdensome for Pakistan in the coming days. Moody’s stressed that Pakistan should act with long-term financial needs in mind rather than temporary benefits. However, it said that there is a chance of getting clarity in that direction only after the upcoming elections in Pakistan.