Vishwaguru isn’t finding Leader of Opposition;BJP MPs shiver,if asked to fight for rights of the State: CM Siddaramaiah

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya 

I remember Buddha,Basava,Gandhi,Ambedkar, Narayanaguru,Kuvempu while preparing Budget:CM Siddaramaiah

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that when he sits for preparing Budget,he remembers Buddha,Basava, Gandhi,Ambedkar,Narayanaguru,Kuvempu.It is my commitment to prepare a budget that fulfils their aspirations.

He was replying to the discussion over State budget in the legislative assembly here today.

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar had questioned the relevance of political freedom without social freedom.Therefore he had claimed that the foundation of political leadership should be in social leadership.Basavanna showed the importance of dasoha.

I have followed the development model of all these stalwarts and presented a pro-development budget,he said.

We have included the promises we made during election in the budget.We have allocated money and already launched 4 of the five guarantees.

We have delivered what we promised.BJP, said “Sabka sath,sab ka vikas,sab ka vishwas”.But they didn’t act accordingly.

Therefore BJPs shallowness,irresponsibility and fake mentality is exposed before the people of the State.

BJP was boasting of Gujrath Model,but now they are scared of Karnataka Model of Development which includes guarantee schemes.

Working people should have money in their pockets. Putting money in their pockets is Karnataka model and snatching money from people’s pocket is Gujarat model, he said.

They levied tax on pen,pencil,biscuit,butter,puffed rice etc in Gujarath model.Karnataka model has schemes that saves Rs. 6,000 to 8000 a month for each family.

Every day,people of the State are benefitted by our guarantee schemes.Every day,every family is receiving benefit from the Government.This has caused jealousy of BJP. Their jealousy will burn them,he said.

Vishwaguru can’t find leader of opposition
BJP leaders talk high about Vishwaguru.But the Vishwaguru is unable to choose a leader of opposition in his party.

People have taught the lesson to Vishwaguru,that mere speeches can’t resolve people’s problems,CM said.

If Marshal wasn’t there, what would have happened?

BJP has behaved in a very uncivilised way with a Dalit Deputy Speaker.We can’t even imagine what would have happened,if Marshals were not there.

Don’t know whether they could have resorted to assault him, CM expressed grave concern and he said that he strongly condemns the whole incident.

They Shiver when they see Modi

State had to suffer great loss from 15th Finance Commission.We did not receive our share of Rs. 5495 crore,which we had to receive from central Government.

Injustice was done by Finance Minister Smt.Nirmala Sitaraman,who was elected from the State.The MPs from the State should have questioned this.State BJP leaders,Chief Ministers should have questioned? But they shiver when they stand before Modi, he said satirically.