Student caught red handed copying in exams,commits suicide

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

A19-year-old student ended his life after he was caught copying in the exam hall in PES college in Giri Nagar on Monday afternoon.

The deceased Aditya Prabhu,a first year student was attending a paper for second semester.The examiner caught him copying using mobile phone and handed him over to counsellor .

The parents were informed and they are waiting for the parents arrival for a session.Fearing of the consequences Prabhu sneaked out of the room,went to the 8th floor of the building and reportedly jumped.

The college staff noticed the Prabhu crashed onto the ground and died on the spot and alerted the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) P. Krishnakant rushed to the spot and supervised the investigations.

The body has been shifted to Post-mortem and the police are awaiting the report .

The police are recording the statement of the college management and the parents of Prabhu for further investigations.