Civil police to help their traffic counterparts to manage traffic at Major Junction across city – Dr Alok Mohan

Pramesh S Jain

S ince last one week around 400 law and order policemen joined hands with their traffic counterparts to manage the traffic at the major junctions across the city .

This is to ensure traffic discipline among the unruly motorists and other road users who are endangering the lives of others .

Taking this into consideration,Director General and Inspector General of Police,Alok Mohan issued directions to deploy law and order policemen at major junctions during peak hours to assist the traffic policemen.

This will ensure lane discipline, parking of vehicle at the designated places especially BMTC buses and pedestrian crossing and use of sky walks .

This exercise will reduce the burden of traffic policemen who can focus on their assigned task of traffic management and taking care of the violations,a police officer,said