Modi: Modi went to the centenary celebrations of Delhi University by metro

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Modi Travels In Metro: Prime Minister Modi traveled in Delhi Metro. He sat in the metro train like a common man and mingled with his fellow passengers. Videos related to this are going viral.


Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the closing ceremony of the centenary celebrations at Delhi University on Friday as the chief guest. However, on this occasion, he traveled by Delhi Metro to go to the university. Like a common man, he sat and traveled in the Metro Train along with the rest of the passengers. The students and fellow travelers were friendly. Modi shared the photos related to this on his Twitter account. BJP also posted videos of Modi traveling in the metro train on social media. Currently these photos and videos are going viral.

In 1922, Delhi University was established under an Act of the Central Legislative Assembly. It has been recognized as an Institute of Eminence by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Centenary celebrations were started on 1st May last year as this university will complete its centenary by 2022. The year-long celebrations will end today. The Prime Minister attended the closing ceremony as the chief guest.

Three tier checks.. 1000 man deployment

Security forces made strict arrangements during Modi’s visit to Delhi University. Inspections were conducted in three steps. The police said that a thousand personnel including paramilitary forces have been deployed for that purpose.