3 of a family killed in road accident at Laketown,Kolkata

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:– An elderly couple and their 23-year-old son were killed while returning back from their daughter’s wedding  on Monday esrling.They were killed in a bus and car collision. The crash happened early Monday morning near the clock towerat Lake town. Police gave the names of the deceased as Shivshankar Rathi, Shivratan Rathi and Kamaladevi Rathi. In the early hours of Monday, the Rathi family  was going by a car from Baguiati on VIP Road to Ultadanga.  The four-wheeler stopped at the signal  nearLaketown road crossing . At that time, a Route 44 bus lost control and hit the car from behind. The car almost skidded off.Laketown police responded to the scene after learning of the crash. The victims were rescued. Almost everyone inside the car was seriously injured. They were taken to a local hospital. Still, the end was not saved. Doctors said three people died.The bride’s father Shivshankar Rathi, elder brotherShivratan Rathi and grandmotherKamaladevi Rathi died. The driver’s condition is also critical. According to police, there were no passengers in the bus on Route 44 when the accident took place. Laketown police are investigating whether it was a mechanical fault or an accident caused by excessive speed.