Woman’s safety is our first priority,we spoke to women ourselves and informed about safety by all senior officers: B Dayananda CoP

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


City police chief along with all other senior officers on Monday took all the police officers on a ride literally B.Dayananda accompanied by women officers boarded BMTC buses and had a chit chat with the women commuters to explain them about Do’s and don’ts the safety measures to be taken in case of any eventualities .

He was followed by all the senior police officers who took the ride and briefed the women about safety and security aspects.

The official explained what the city police have in the offing for the women safety which includes Suraksha app, women safety islands and help desk for women.

This is apart from 112 emergency response system which is linked to Hoysala which are stationed at strategic locations to reach to the location without much delay.

“Women safety is of utmost concern to Bengaluru City Police.Today all BCP officers travelled in BMTC buses and discussed with women travellers to understand their concerns.

Also created awareness with them regarding various measures taken by BCP regarding women safety in the city”.Mr.Dayananda said.

Bengaluru City Police has also established Safety Islands across the city for the safety of women.By pressing a button at any of the 30 Safety Islands,the command centre will be notified immediately through the alarm system and service vehicle will be dispatched.

It may be recalled that soon after taking over charge B Dayananda reiterated that women safety is his top priorities.