MP Pratap Simha lacks Political Maturity:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah opined that MP Pratap Simha lacks political maturity.He was speaking to media persons here today.

Responding to the statements made by MP Pratap Simha,the CM said ‘he says that he is responsible for the construction of Bengaluru roads.

‘Is he the MP for the Bengaluru roads’ questioned the CM.I have never spoken to opposition parties in my political life and never have visited their houses while in power.If I happened to come across them I will only talk courteously,but won’t discuss politics”,he added.

In response to the allegation made by MP Pratap Simha,that the Congress and the BJP had joined hands, the CM said that,‘If they know who has joined hands,let them come out with information”.

Responding about the MP’s statement regarding conducting investigation about Pay CM allegation made by the Congress,The Chief Minister questioned ‘did they ask us to carry out an investigation?It is up to us to decide when and by whom the investigation should be carried out.

Not an official meeting

Responding to a reporter’s question regarding two Government officials attending a meeting chaired by Karnataka in-charge Randeep Surjewala in yesterday’s BBMP meeting,the CM said that it was not an official meeting.

He said that the Deputy Chief Minister met the MLAs and participated in the meeting to seek legal opinion Incidentally,they also spoke about the BBMP elections in the meeting.Surjewala was waiting to visit the Hebbal flyover the CM explained.