Karnataka: Toll Booth Operator Beaten To Death With Hockey Sticks After Altercation At Toll Plaza

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Toll Operator hacked to death & his colleague injured by group of people over trivial row as over delay in taking out boom barrier!

Senior officer told reporters,Pawan Kumar Nayak,26, employee of Sheshagiri toll Booth plaza in Bidadi town of Ramanagara was beaten to death and his colleague Manjunath sustained injuries when a group of four people over a trivial row over delay in taking out the boom barrier in the wee hours of Monday.

The accused who are passing by had an heated argument over the delay in removing the barrier and they got into fisticuff.However the others present at the spot intervened,pacified the fight .

However the accused waited for the Pawan Kumar who had come out of the booth at around 12.30 am after duty hours and walking away.

The accused confronted them and attacked Pawan Kumar and his colleague Manjunath beating both of them black and blue and fled the spot .

The injured Pawan Kumar and Manjunath were later taken to the hospital where Pawan Kumar succumbed while Manjunath is recovering at the hospital .

The Bidadi police have registered a case of murder and efforts are on to track down the accused .

The accused have been identified based on the CCTV footage and said to be from Bengaluru.Efforts are on to secure them for further investigations he added.