Conman cheats a grocery shop owner posing as representative from government to issue laptops to students,made away with gold chain & cash around 1.23 lakhs

Yogesh K Porwar 

Posing as representative from government to issue laptops to students,conman cheated a 32-year-old grocery shop owner and made away with her gold chain and cash total worth Rs.1.23 lakh in Peenya on Saturday.

The accused claimed to be from the neighborhood, came to the shop and ordered few items to be delivered to his residence.During a casual chat,he introduced himself as part of the free laptop distribution scheme, and asked her whether she had an children eligible for the free laptop.

Excited by this Shruthi told him that she has a son studying in college following which he told her to go to the house and meet a person to get the laptop immediately .

He even suggested her that since the scheme for poor children, he suggested her to remove the gold chain and go to the house which is around 250 meters away to get the laptop.

As directed Shruthi,removed her gold chain,and went to get the laptop leaving the man behind .

After reaching the house Shruthi realized that the person was not in the house and returned to the shop to find the man missing along the gold chain she kept in the cash box.

The accused had also taken cash Rs.3,000 from the cash box,she told the police.

Based on the complaint,the police have registered a case of cheating and theft and are trying to track down the accused.