Traffic ASIs and Cobras to get 8 hours Shift in Bengaluru Says – Dr MA Saleem (Special Commissioner For Traffic)

Pramesh S Jain 

I n order to ensure better human resource management and to provide some respite for the overworked staff the Special Commissioner for Traffic Dr MA Saleem extended 8 hour duty shifts to traffic ASIs and cobras of the department.

In a order it is said that Until now the work shift was applicable only to PSIs and above and all the other subordinate staff used to work In Regular shifts which would extend to over 10 to12 hours on regular basis.

The ASIs who joined as PCs and worked over 25 years to be promoted and have attended 50 years and will not be having same amount of strength and ability due to many reasons.

They are worked under tremendous pressure and need privileges on par with other staff.

Hence a study was conducted and decided to extend two shift work to other staff members also .

This facility according to Saleem is not applicable on Saturday and Monday as it was considered rush hour days.

This shifts are also not applicable to staff during special duties like VIP movement bandobast during protest and programs and also previous and next days of any long holidays says the official order.