Gang of fraudsters booked for luring private firm employee promising them online part time job with lucrative package made away with Rs.23.7 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Cyber crime police are on the lookout for a gang which lured a 26-year-old private firm employee with part time online job offer and made away with Rs.23.7 lakh.

Based on the complaint from Narendra TS,resident of Hesaraghatta,the police are trying to track down the accused through their telegram app.

Narendra in his complaint said that the accused had approached him offering part time online job offer with lucrative package.

Excited by the offer,Narendra responded following which they asked him follow a set of instructions and gave him few tasks to complete .

While completing the task the accused also offered him to invest for a quick and decent returns.Initially Narendra tried few times and got the returns .

But little did he knew that they was a trap by the accused to lure him and invest more and more.Within a period of 10 days from March 13 to 24,Narendra invested a total sum of Rs.23.7 lakh anticipating huge returns in a real quick time .

However the accused had a different plan as the realized that they extracted all his saving,the accused went incommunicado .

After tried to recover his lost money,Narendra finally approached the police .

It is a new MO of the cyber frauds and ironically the victims are educated class, a police officer, said.

The police are receiving two to three complaints every day on an average .They lure people with IT background as they are open to work from home as their second income.

The police have requested people not to entertain and respond to part time job advertisement on social media .