Unknown person booked by Baiyyapanahalli police for sacrificing a goat in front of temple

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya 

The Baiyyapanahalli police on Sunday registered an FIR against an Unknown man for sacrificing a goat in front of a temple in inhuman way.

The entire incident was recorded on mobile by Nitin Jain,member of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( SPCA) before rushing to the station and filed a complaint on Sunday afternoon.

But by the time he reached with the police near the temple,the goat was vanished .

Mr. Jain was passing by Sree Angala Parameshwari temple situated on Kallapalli road in Krishnamurthy Nagar where a group of people had gathered in front of the temple with the goat to perform some ritual.

Mr.Jain spot on curiosity and noticed a man held the goat and ripped its neck by his mouth and drank its blood amidst the drum beating.

The man even smeared the oozing blood onto his cloth and danced hysterically creating nuisance and fear among the people passing by.

This according to Mr.Jain is a violation of Karnataka Prevention of Animal sacrifice act and prevention of cruelty to animals act, he said.

He also submitted the clip of the recorded video for the police .

Based on the complaint the police have registered a case under Karnataka Prevention of Animal Sacrifice Act and also under section 429 ( Mischief by killing or maiming cattle etc.)for further investigations.

The police are now trying to identify the accused and inquiring with the temple committee for further investigations.