Congress Guarantee Card: An useless Visiting Card: CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Guarantee Card distributed by the Congress Party is not a debit or credit card but a useless visiting card said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Reacting to a question about the BJP becoming desperate due to the guarantee schemes of the Congress party, he told reporters here on Thursday why they must be desperate when the people have not taken it seriously.

They have distributed the cards because people have no confidence in them.On the backside of the card they have written ‘Gruha Lakshmi’.

There will be value if they deposit money in the bank and distribute the card.

List of candidates as per the time-table

The CM said the first list of the Congress Party is expected to be released tomorrow (Friday). But the BJP is still doing the survey.

There is no connection with them what the Congress Party will do as the BJP list of candidates will come out as per their timetable.

Not new

On giving the tickets to new faces,the CM said it is quite common in every election as the party does many things to win the election. It’s not new.

The bankruptcy of decency in Congress Party

Bommai said the Congress Party is into finding fault in everything. Was toll not collected under the Congress party dispensation?

The Congress Party has a bad culture of politicizing everything. In case of any problem, it can be sorted out through discussion.

The language used by them will not be accepted by any Kannadigas. There is a bankruptcy of decency in the Congress party.

Bommai said it is common to witness a more number of protests during the election but the government has taken steps to solve the problems of everyone.

No differences in opinion

The CM ruled out any differences of opinion between Housing Minister V.Somanna and former CM, B.S.Yediyurappa.He said even the minister has clarified that he did not have differences with the veteran BJP leader and has compared their relationship to a father and son.

In some issues, they will expect that they must be heard but since Yediyurappa is in the top position everything will happen as he wishes.

On the interference of State BJP Vice-President B.Y.Vijendra in the Chamarajanagar District-In-Charge, Bommai said (Vijayendra) has done the responsibility given by the CM.