Distribution of facilities to beneficiaries of backward classes;Rs.900 crore released to 1.14 lakh beneficiaries:CM Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

C hief Minister Basavaraj Bommai released Rs.900 crore to 1.14 lakh beneficiaries on behalf of various Corporations on Saturday.

Speaking at a function organized by the Department of Backward Classes here,he said if those for whom this seat of power had been constructed,take benefit of the government scheme,reflects the prevalence of a real democracy.

The government is established by the people and understanding this,they must work in Soudha.The life of people will not improve just by making the empty promise of justice.

The changes can be expected if the government chalks out the schemes to help people to live with self-respect.

Democracy will win if the life of backward classes improves.The real backward leaders are those who take the right decision in their favor at the right time.

Responsive Govt

The CM said the facilities are distributed to the beneficiaries today and if this was done in the last seven decades it would not have been required at present.That amount of funds would have been spent on higher education.

If everyone had got shelter, they need not have built houses.If everyone was self-employed others could have been helped.But nothing of this sort happened.

At least in the coming days,this must change.The facilities distributed to them are their rights and the government is not showing any favor to them.

If the government is sensitive and responsive,it can understand problems and announce the schemes accordingly.

Ganga Kalyana scheme implementation in five months

He said under the Ganga Kalyana scheme,19,000 beneficiaries have been sanctioned borewells from various corporations.

Earlier, this scheme would be launched like a five-year plan but now it would be implemented within five months.

The cost of the borewell sinking and pump will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

The incumbent government is not helping contractors. As the first installment,Rs.75,000 has been transferred through DBT which is again the scheme given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The system has been improved by the current government.

Bommai said the life of the poor will be simple and transferring facilities smoothly to them will not only improve their life but also help to improve the state’s revenue.Simple governance helps in reaching beneficiaries.

The people are beneficiaries but partners in government.The investment made in them will bring revenue to the state.Investments made in human resources will always fetch income.

It was former CM,Devaraj Urs who constituted the Backward Classes Commission and gave the reservation to the backward classes.

The incumbent government has announced a slew of programs for the welfare of farmers, working classes, agricultural laborers,women,girls students,youths,and others.