Why not wearinga Bindi: BJP MP criticizes lady on Women’s Day-erupts controversy

Abhijit Ray,Kolkata: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, women organized a special fair. There, the BJP MP attacked a woman worker for wearing a tip. She also attacked the woman activist over why she did not wear the tip despite her husband being alive. Congress strongly condemned the behaviour of the saffron camp. Congress MP Karti Chidambaram on Monday accused the BJP of turning India into a “Hindu Iran”.On the occasion of Women’s Day on Wednesday, a fair was organized in the Kolar district of Karnataka. Local MP S Muniswamy was present there. The responsibility of running the fair shops was in the hands of women. The BJP MP went to one such shop and burst into anger. He said, “Why didn’t you wear a bindi?” Your husband must be alive. Don’t you have common sense?” the video of his words went viral on the internet.As soon as the news spread, the Congress condemned the BJP MP. Karti Chidambaram tweeted, “THE BJP is actually turning India into a Hindutva Iran. The BJP’s ayatollahs have given up their own policies on the streets. The Congress alleged that the saffron camp was against women’s freedom.On the other hand, on the day of Women’s Day, women were harassed in Bengaluru. It is learned that they went to drink water while riding a bike on the road. On that occasion, a lawyer snatched the keys of their bike. On the same day, Karnataka faced the wrath of netizens over two incidents of misogyny.