DRI busts drug racket arrested three including woman at KIAL & Mumbai Airport Seized Cocaine concealed in specially designed lining of her bag worth Rs.120 Crores

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on Monday caught a 33-year-old woman from Northeast carrying 2.5 kilograms of cocaine worth Rs. 30 crore which she had concealed in specially designed lining of her handbag she had carried .

The woman caught by DRI officials based on specific inputs at Kempegowda International airport as as soon as she landed from Abisababa .

Upon questioning the women gave two more names of her associates who are landing from same destinations at Chennai and Mumbai airport.

The officials alerted their counterparts and managed to nab them and recovered a total of Rs.90 crore worth cocaine.
Both the accused are men aged 35 and 50 years old .

Probe revealed that all the three accused arrested are part of the newly recruited batch from Northeast to smuggle cocaine from Adisababa.

A group of African Nationals had come to Delhi and held a recruitment drive targeting NE people for the job.

The accused offered the recruits,free travel visa,tickets and money in exchange of carrying the handbags along with them and handed over to the people who they would meet outside the airport .

These mules are given a code word to confirm before handing over the bags to the receiver .

We have information about some more people coming from Adisabba are mules working for the international drug racket which has connecting in the parts of the country,a officer,said .

The officials said that the recruitment drive to hire the local mules are being carried out by the drug cartels to hoodwink the investigating agencies .

The officials are investigating to track down people part of the network .