Southeast Division police launched Loka Spandana QR code based assesment system carrying QR code as Whatsapp DP to bring transparency & Improve efficiency of Police : CK Baba

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Taking another step to reach general public,Southeast division police which launched its QR code based assessment system,are now carrying QR code as the WhatsApp DP of all the official phones of the officers working in Southeast Division.

Senior officer told reporters,this system we are using is to bring transparency and improve efficiency of the police officers.

The idea is also to send a message to the society is that we take criticism and complaints,seriously,he said .

The initiative,which is now renamed as Loka Spandana, will have a QR code displayed in all the police officers working in the Southeast division.

People can just scan and raise the complaint which will reach the DCP, who has the access.The different between the earlier initiative is that people should go the station to scan the QR code but with the improvised system people can access remotely and write their grievances and complaints and have direct access with the DCP of their Division.

He further explained that the complaint received from these platforms are to be taken seriously and the erring officials will be dealt strictly .

The police also have made provisions for those who do not have smartphones,we have a complaint slip and drop boxes at every station.

People can write the complaint and put it in the box which can be accessed again by the DCP every week,he said.

The QR code Loka Spandana is highly appreciated by many senior police officers as a positive steps to bridge the police public relationship and being extended to other Divisions and also other police officials of the other districts are also showing interest he added.