Quota hike for SC/ST: Process for inclusion into 9th schedule commenced: CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The sole aim of the government is to render justice for the SC/ST communities and the process of including the hiked quota in the ninth schedule has started,said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at the inauguration of ‘Janajagruthi Jathra Mahotsav’ organized as part of Sri Maharshi Valmiki Jathra Mahotsav, and the distribution of awards here on Thursday, he said justice has been done to the oppressed communities as per Justice Nagmohan Das Commission.

While the reservation for the SC community has been hiked from 15 to 17 percent and for the Scheduled Tribe community from 3 percent to 7 percent. This will benefit the youths of those two communities in jobs and education.

Legal protection has already been given to the reservation.The mere speech will not ensure social justice.The incumbent government has implemented the hiked quota and it is being followed in government recruitment.

Separate secretariat for the ST Development

“I never became the CM out of wish but got this post due to the blessings of my leaders and the people.A separate secretariat has been established to implement the development works for the uplift of the ST community. Free 75 units of power, Rs 25 lakh grants for the community farmers to buy land, Rs 2 lakh grant to build the house, and also increased the number of hostels for students.

Help is being rendered to the community youths to become self-employed. The Government of India has increased the grants for tribals among the ST community and a tribal woman has been made the President of India.Besides,the key posts are given to the community leaders in government.

The state will be strong if oppressed classes become strong
Bommai said the Valmiki community played an important role in the protection of the Vijayanagar kingdom.

The King, Madakari Nayak is an important leader in the history of Karnataka.Maharshi Valmiki wrote the Ramayana, one of the best 10 books in the whole world.

The community is known for protecting the good people and punishing the bad people.Veera Sindhura Lakshman and Bedara Kannappa belonged to this community. Strengthening the oppressed classes is like strengthening the nation.

I have a devotional attachment with the seer of the Gurupeeta. It is heartening to know that the jathra of Maharshi Valmiki is celebrated in the most meaningful manner. The community must vow to unite and fight for their rights.

I know a noted Kannada actor, Sudeep very closely and he has made a place in the hearts of Kannadigas. He has been a role model for the community youths.

The Valmiki community is a quite rich community and the people are large-hearted and work efficiently in all fields. Many more achievers must emerge from this community”.

Jagadguru Sri Valmiki Prasannanda Mahaswamy, Minister Anand Singh, MLA Raju Gouda, CM Political Secretary M.P.Renukacharya, and others were present.