Did the United States (USA) conspire to prevent such oxygen from reaching the allies in Europe?

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Accusations are pouring in that the US has deliberately caused trouble to its allies in Europe. During the crucial winter months, there are reports that the US destroyed their vital gas supply system in a covert operation. 


Winter is the equivalent of oil and gas to the European continent. Did the United States (USA) conspire to prevent such oxygen from reaching the allies in Europe? Has a covert operation been conducted to damage Russia economically..? Diverting the attention of the world, the secret divers of the US Navy broke a gas pipeline..? Did Joe Biden directly issue orders for this..? Famous investigative journalist Seymour Hersh answered these questions. Recently, he published an investigative article on the online platform Substock that America blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline, which is crucial for countries like Germany in Europe, in a covert operation.


Is the Hersh report a fear for America (USA)?

Hersh is not an ordinary journalist.. He brought to the attention of the world the ‘Me Lai’ genocide in which more than 500 unarmed people were killed by the United States (USA) army during the Vietnam War. Both times the US has denied that the reports were false. But, in the end they turned out to be real. Hersh also covered the Watergate scandal in the past. Hersh received the Pulitzer Prize (1970), the most prestigious award in journalism. With the recent Hersh report, the differences between the US and Russia suddenly broke down.

Bombs planted in the guise of naval maneuvers.

In December 2021, Russian troops began to approach the borders of Ukraine. This made it clear that an attack on Ukraine was certain. At this time, President Joe Biden met with the newly formed task force with the heads of the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Treasury Department. He expressed concern over Germany and Western Europe’s dependence on cheap gas from the Nordstream gas pipeline. They fear that the Kremlin will attack Ukraine with gas money. With this, it was decided to blow up the Nordstream gas pipeline. US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan ordered the military officials to prepare a plan to blow it up.

The United States (USA) intelligence agencies have taken the help of Norway for this entire operation. The Norwegian Navy identified suitable areas to blow up the pipeline and informed the US. The US Navy has its largest diving and salvage center in Panama, Florida. Here are the divers who go to the deepest depths of the ocean. It was decided to bring them into the field. And under the guise of ‘Baltops 22’ war maneuvers conducted by NATO forces in the Baltic Sea in the summer, with the help of these divers, C4 explosives were added to the gas pipeline. Then on September 26, the American P8 surveillance aircraft flew over the area and dropped special sonars. Hersh stated in the article that C4s exploded and destroyed pipelines with the signals they emitted. The Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines have developed leaks at three locations. America said that Russia was responsible for this explosion at that time. Nato’s accusations were dismissed. It has been stated that this incident was done intentionally.

Russia’s gas supply to European countries has dropped significantly. Those countries pushed the winter by importing fuel from alternative sources like America (USA) and Azerbaijan.

What Nordstream Pipeline..!

Russia has huge natural gas fields. As a result, Russia is among the largest and cheapest gas exporters. A 1,224 km long Nordstream 1 pipeline was built across the Baltic Sea to supply cheap gas from here to Germany. It was formed by Gazprom of Russia and four other European companies. Most of the gas goes to Germany. Russia’s Gazprom and other European companies have announced plans to expand the project and build the Nordstream 2 pipeline in 2015. It was opposed by America (USA), UK, Ukraine and some countries of the European Union. They expressed concern that if this project becomes available, Moscow’s grip on the European Union will increase. But, the construction was completed in September 2021. It was put aside as it did not get permission from the German regulatory bodies. 

They are false accusations..: America

The White House has denied allegations that the United States (USA) blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline. They are pure lies and completely fabricated. The US Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department also gave similar answers. The countries of Sweden and Denmark, which are near the places where the pipeline explosions took place, did not mention anyone’s name, but said that it was a deliberate act. Russia reacted strongly to this article. It said that those behind this conspiracy will suffer the consequences. It has asked Sweden and Denmark to cooperate with its investigation. But.. they refused