50 percent rebate on pending fines motorists settle traffic violation cases,several fake number plate cases flagged

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar





ith the number of motorists paying traffic violations reached around 52 crore and disposed 18.26 lakhs violations since February 3rd,the traffic police are are also getting fake number plate complaints .

Since its inceptions the police have received as many as 100 complaints of number plates being misused and the genuine vehicle owners are getting notice to pay the fine for violations which they did not commit.

City based home maker,Prema kumari,who owned a scooter visited Traffic management center after she found violations worth Rs.16,000.She told media persons I have only one violations of signal jump, but someone is using my registration number plate and violated traffic rules,”she said .

Another scooter rider Rajeshwari who had come to the TMC said,that her scooter registration number is being used by another woman in her scooter with different color.I have received the notices for whatever violations she had committed she said.

The social media account of the traffic police have flooded with similar complaints ,Vishvesh P, in his complaint on the twitter account of the BCP said that he was fined repeatedly for offences caused by other bike owners for both his scooters.Please remove the incorrect fine and assist.

Kishore Kumar,a city base private firm employee in his complaint to the traffic police said that he had a motorcycle but the violation generated on his bike number belonged to a scooter.The scooter does not belonged to him and someone had misusing his registration number plate,he added .

Similarly Chethan,another scooterist found multiple violations and raised a complaint request for rectification of violations generated and fine
Responding to the issue , MA Saleem,Special commissioner, traffic, termed it as a good development .

The incidents of fake number plate use is on the rise as more and more people are checking their violations and coming across about the misuse.

The police have launched a drive to track down such vehicles and flag down of such vehicles are already on.

The registration number of the disputed vehicles are feed into the enforcement cameras installed in and around the city,which will send alerts to the traffic control room soon after locating such vehicles and build data base on such vehicles .

We have also roped in police to identify such vehicles and book criminal cases against the owners,he added .

However as far as the genuine vehicle owners are concerned the violations will be waived off after cross checking with the database he added.

As on 8th February the Bengaluru traffic police collected Rs.52 Crore by disposing 18.26 lakhs cases .