President in Srigiri

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

President Draupadi Murmu visited Srimallikarjunaswamy along with Bhramaramba in Srisailam on Monday. Prasad started various development works under the scheme.

Draupadi Murmu Pooja to Bhramaramba, Mallikarjunaswamy
Interview with women and students


Today – Kurnool, Srisailam Temple – Newstoday: President Draupadi Murmu visited Bhramaramba Sametha Srimallikarjunaswamy in Srisailam on Monday. Prasad started various development works under the scheme. First, her daughter Itishree along with Telangana Governor Tamilisai reached Sunnipenta by helicopter from Hyderabad. State Ministers Kottu Satyanarayana, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, Union Minister Kishan Reddy, BJP leader TG Venkatesh, Nandyala MP Brahmananda Reddy and Srisailam MLA Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy welcomed. The President reached Srisailam by road. At the temple she was welcomed by Vedic scholars with Purnakumbha. Minister Roja, Commissioner of Religious Affairs Harijawaharlal and others participated. After the darshan and puja of Swami and Ammavar, Vedic scholars blessed them and gave theerthaprasadams. President’s daughter Itishree, Had lunch at the temple with Governor Tamilisai. Officials said she complained that it was delicious. In Srisaila field Rs. Draupadi Murmu inaugurated various development works undertaken under the ‘Prasad’ scheme with a cost of 43.08 crores. Officials explained that services such as construction of facilities for pilgrims in Srisailam, construction of facilities in Hatakeswaram, Shikreswaram, restoration of Pushkarini in Shikreswaram, road construction from bus stand to Pathalganga, amphitheater, sound and light show, toilet complexes, food court etc. have been made available under the Prasad project.

The President inquired about the schemes

The President visited the Shivaji Spirit Center in Srisailam. President of that center TG Venkatesh explained about that center. President spoke to tribal women. It is advised to take advantage of the central and state government welfare schemes. How many goodies are there? They asked how many spoons there are.. Are the children well educated.. He questioned what crops are being cultivated in the lands allocated under forest rights.. Has the government built houses and given them ration? The tribals said that the forest department was objecting to boreholes and electrification in the forest lands, and the tribals demanded that permission be granted for them. It was brought to the President’s attention that the houses given fifteen years ago have reached a dilapidated condition.

Draupadi murmured that it is possible only with hard work 

President interacted with tribal students. Some said that they want to provide free medical services to the tribals after studying medicine. Others said that they want to serve as collectors and police officers. She advised them to persevere and study for not less than ten hours a day. If you study hard you can achieve anything. Officials and leaders bid farewell to the President and Governor of Telangana who reached Sunnipenta at 4 pm.

Ministerial baja on government schemes

While the President was talking to a tribal woman, the Finance Minister touched his cheek and suggested, ‘Tell me the good things done by the state government’. Srisailam MLA Chakrapanireddy tried to say ‘Tell me that Jagananna is giving’. Every year in the account of mothers of students Rs. Buggana explained that they are depositing at the rate of 15,000.

Don’t worry about people getting out of the car..

After the visit to Srisailam, while going to Sunnipenta, President Draupadi Murmu stopped the convoy at Nandi Circle, got down from the vehicle and approached the pilgrims who were standing there and greeted the people. So they walked on the road for a short distance. Devotees and locals expressed happiness with applause.