Railway Staff Save Life, Felicitated by General Manager Sanjeev Kishore

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

On 20th December 2022,Rustam Sab Nalband & Basavaraj Huded,the Track Maintainers on duty observed one male person aged about 40 years tried to commit suicide by coming before a goods train between Annigeri– Hulkoti stations.

Rustum Sab alerted the Loco Pilot who used emergency brake and stopped the train immediately,administered Rustam Sab & Basavaraj Huded first aid and took him to the Hulkoti,and saved the life of the person.

The alertness and prompt action by Track Maintainers has saved a precious life.

General manager,Sanjeev Kishore felicitated and awarded certificate of appreciation to the railway staff who showed exemplary presence of mind in averting the loss of life.