Naidu vows to strengthen TDP in Telangana

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

“The honor of building the future with a 30-year vision goes to the TDP governments. We gave priority to IT 20 years ago. IT companies have brought strength to their feet.

Chandrababu Naidu, party leader in Sankharavam Sabha,
says that there is no chance of Telugu states to meet again.


“The honor of building the future with a 30-year vision goes to the TDP governments. We gave priority to IT 20 years ago. IT companies have brought strength to their feet. If Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft, does not give an appointment, I insisted and met him only for the sake of the youth. No other country in the world competes with India in the digital sector, TDP has done a lot in that. We have given IT as a gift to the youth. We have brought many reforms to create wealth and provide employment to the youth. “We are very happy that India Biotech, which has discovered a vaccine for Covid, has been brought in by TDEPA.”

“Tedepa is completing 40 years since its inception. Four decades of solid history is going to lay the foundation for a better future. We are making arrangements to organize NTR centenary celebrations grandly. NTR is not a person but Shakti. A great hero who has a permanent place in the hearts of the Telugu nation. We are taking the Telugu Desam Party forward to fulfill NTR’s ambitions.

Khammam:Some foolish people are talking about merging the Telugu states. But there is no chance that the two states will ever meet again,” said Nara Chandrababu Naidu, National President of the Telugu Desam Party. He said that even if the two states are separated, TDP’s preference is to stand as an example in the country. He said that it is his long-time wish that Telugu states should be in the first two positions in the country. He attended the open meeting of Tedepah Sankharavam held at Sardar Patel Maidan in Khammam on Wednesday and addressed the party ranks as the chief guest. Inspired by Khammam Sabha, the leaders and activists were called to work enthusiastically again. He said that this meeting will mark the beginning of bringing glory to the Telugu Desam Party, which has a rich history. Leaders should be prepared by those who attended the open meeting. He reminded that many reforms were introduced during TDP regime and social changes were brought. He said that the credit of developing Telangana in all fields goes to the Telugu Desam Party. He said that Tedepaka has more right to ask for votes than other political parties in the state. He said that he never wanted power, he only wanted people’s affection.

This assembly is the answer to those who are wondering where TDP is in Telangana.

Chandrababu said that Telugu Desam Party is credited with giving power to the backward classes. He said that the leaders of the backward and weak communities were made. He said that he came to Khammam after many days.. He said that he will never forget the hospitality shown by the people in his life. Khammam public meeting is the answer to those who ask where Telugu Desam Party is in Telangana. TDEPA is the party that worked for the development of Telangana. He said that projects have been constructed and priority has been given to the irrigation sector. He said that the honor of constructing SLBC, Bima, Nettempadu, SRSP and Dummugudem projects has gone to TDP government. All those who left the party for different reasons wished to come back again. He said that even without MLAs, MPs and MLCs, TDP has such popular strength, it is because of the activists. The government should work to provide affordable prices to the farmers of the state.

Meeting in Nizamabad soon: Kasani Gnaneshwar, Tetedepa President

In the spirit of Khammam Shankharavam, we will organize public meetings across the state. First in Nizamabad district, then in the rest of the districts and finally in Hyderabad we will organize a Simhagarjana Sabha. Tedepaya is the one who stands by the poor and the weaker sections. TDP will always have a stable position as a party that has supported BC leaders, activists and people. People should stand by TDP which has become an address for development. Youth should shoulder the responsibility of bringing glory to the party.

Babu is disappointed

Party leaders and workers gave a grand welcome to Chandrababu who came from Hyderabad in a special vehicle for the public meeting at Nayakangudem on the border of Khammam district. Chandrababu’s convoy went as a huge rally. Chandrababu unveiled the statue of NTR in Kesavapuram of Kusumanchi mandal. Party workers and people welcomed every step in Khammam Gramin Mandal. The rally received a great response in Khammam. Chandrababu was honored with gifts at many places. A large number of activists from other districts of Telangana attended the meeting held at Khammam. Senior TDP leaders Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy, Kambhampati Rammohan Rao, Bakkani Narsimhulu, Arvindkumar Goud, Nannuri Narsireddy, T. Jyotsna, Nandamuri Suhasini, Katragadda Prasuna, Khammam Lok Sabha Constituency Party President Kurpati Venkateshwarlu and others participated. Chandrababu left Hyderabad with a huge convoy for the meeting to be held in Khammam. On Wednesday morning, the rally was started by garlanding the statue of NTR at Rasulpura intersection in Begumpet. At many places in the city, fans showered him with ghazals and welcomed him with flowers.