CM Bommai announces special training for middle-level police personnel

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

C hief Minister Basavaraj Bommai favored training for middle-level police personnel on the lines of National Defence Academy (NDA) training.

Speaking at the investiture ceremony held for the presentation of President’s Police medal to the police personnel at a colourful function held in Raj Bhavan in presence of Governor Thawarchand Gehlot here on Sunday,he said low-rank police personnel and IPS rank officers will get the best training but not the middle-level personnel.

Training for them must be more effective and for this a separate training centre,syllabus and various courses are required for them as it will help them to work with more dedication.

Special programs

He said police have the responsibility of maintaining law and order as well as crime prevention.

Of late,technology based crimes are on the rise but evidence is left out in this mode of rimes.

Technology used by the police needs to be strengthened further.The grants required for this purpose will be provided in the next budget to do this with the help of experts.

FSL labs in two places

Bommai said two Forensic Sciences Laboratories will be set up in each place in the state. The police force has been modernised as well as the FSL labs.

The state-of-the-art FSL labs are required since it will play an important role in the detection of crime, and two labs are established in Hubballi and Ballari.

At least two FSL Labs must be set up in each place. At the same time, crime detection must happen without delay.

Steps to check irregularities in police recruitment
The CM stressed on the need to take more stringent steps to check irregularities in police recruitment.

The top brass of the department must think and come out with an answer to see whether it was possible to check irregularities in police recruitment.Action required must be taken by them.

Karnataka Police best in the country

He said the police force is very special as they have to compromise many things in their lives and to work under several pressures.

Despite all these pressures,the Karnataka Police is working efficiently and is number one in the country.If rules are like father for a cop and duty is like mother.

The State police must not be left out in new technology and a lot of reforms must be taken in this regard.

It is a matter of pride that several police personnel from Karnataka are selected for President’s Medals in recognition of their services and the government wishes congratulation to every medal winner.

Home Minister,Araga Jnanendra,Additional Chief Secretary (Home Department) Rajneesh Goel, DG&IGP Praveen Sood and others were present.