Aiming to strengthen the organization in the face of the polls, Mamata-Abhishek on a two-day visit to Meghalaya

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Assembly polls in Meghalaya on the eve of the new year. Before that, the new equation in state politics revolved around Mamata Banerjee. Chief Minister of Bengal is reaching Shillong today, Monday. Her traveling companion is Abhishek Banerjee, All India General Secretary of the party.Apart from Tripura, Trinamool is going to participate in the elections in one more state in the North-Eastern region. In that case, as soon as Mamata goes to that state, the Trinamool’s wings will be blown, the political circles think. Because the MLAs of the main opposition Congress have joined the Trinamool, the Trinamool is the main opposition party here.Mamata has several programs in this tour. The Chief Minister may visit Rabindranath Tagore’s house after reaching Shillong today. The next day, i.e. 13th, there is a workshop in the auditorium of the local State Central Library. There she will present her political message and call for the re-formation of Meghalaya. Mamata also plans to attend a local pre-Christmas festival.Meghalaya Assembly Election after two months. Before that, Mamata is going to go to Meghalaya in mid-December to ring the bell. Naturally, she will raise the tone against the BJP. Mamta’s companion is Abhishek. Abhishek has already gone there several times. He is seeing the work of the state organization on the ground. Here the role of Abhishek is most significant in the organizational field.His eye is constantly on the organizational side here. He also has the latest news of the daily program. In this situation, Mamata is coming to this state for the first time. Mamata and Abhishek will be accompanied by Trinamool Meghalaya (TMC) observer and State Water Resources Minister Manas Bhuiya.A month ago, Abhishek inaugurated the state office of the party in Meghalaya. Mamata can also visit that office of the party. Mamata Banerjee has already announced that the Trinamool organization will be formed not only from Bengal, but from other parts of the state where the call comes from. For that purpose Trinamool has already gone to places like Tripura, Goa for contesting polls. A strong organization has developed in Tripura. There has already been a by-election. Trinamool also has good organization in Meghalaya. They are fighting as BJP’s main opponent in the polls. In this overall situation, Mamata’s visit to Meghalaya is very significant.