To boost the progress of crime,Karnataka Police starts using brain mapping

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The State Forensic Science Labs has launched brain electro-oscillation signature profiling,(BEOS) which according to the officials will boost the progress of crime investigations.

R.Hitendra,Additional Director General of Police, (ADGP),heading crime and technical services,in his directions to all the stations and commissionorate to make use the facility .

The facility also known as brain finger printing will add as an advance technique for the already existing polygraphy test.

This will work on Electroencephalography  to determine the information and involvement of the suspect in the crime. the suspect will be shown visuals or audio clips related to the case to check if there is any triggering of neurons in the suspect’s brain which then generate brainwaves.

The test results are then studied to determine the participation of the accused in a crime.The technique is safe and safeguard the fundamental rights of the suspect, the circular issued by Mr. Hitendra, said .

There is no force nor there will be administer of any chemicals,it is non-invasive and does not cause any health hazard,he added.

However the introduction of the new technique has been interpreted by experts in different way as it was turned down by NIMHANS in its peer review as erroneous .

Any technique before implementation should get a peer review and also reviews by scientific community at international level and get the papers on the subjected should be published at international level science journal. But this has not been done and adding to that NIMHANS has rejected it,former FSL Director,Dr.BM Mohan,said .

The BEOS developed by Dr CR Mukundan,this facility is used in Gandhinagar FSL lab in Gujarat.