Who is the Rayalaseema traitor?

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

‘Who is the traitor of Rayalaseema? Telugu Desam Party has turned it into Ratanala Seema. Jagan Mohan Reddy betrayed Rayalaseema. There is a rift between Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema. Are you the one who makes a difference between the castes and makes a difference in politics?’ Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy was asked by TDP chief Chandrababu.

Jaganmohan Redde has proposed to the High Court bench in Kurnool that the party that made Ratanala a seat has

robbed the TDP seat Chandrababu’s firm answer to the protestors

Today, Kurnool: ‘Who is the traitor of Rayalaseema? Telugu Desam Party has turned it into Ratanala Seema. Jagan Mohan Reddy betrayed Rayalaseema. There is a rift between Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema. Are you the one who creates a rift between castes and is doing politics?’ Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy was asked by TDP chief Chandrababu. On the third day of his visit to Kurnool district, Chandrababu was going to the party office when some people stopped his convoy calling him ‘Rayalaseema traitor’. Later, while speaking at the office, Kurnool MLA Hafiz Khan’s main followers and some corporators stopped him by saying ‘go back’. Chandrababu replied to this. On Friday, he organized a meeting of activists in Kurnool. Later, a modernized building and a statue of NTR were unveiled at the party office. The main points of his speeches on this occasion.

“Didn’t this gentleman Jagan agree to Amaravati capital that day as an assembly witness? I proposed to set up High Court bench in Kurnool. Jagan did not ask for anything that day. Fearing that they will lose now, they want to destroy the green kapuras by destroying them in three areas. He should tell what work he has done in four years that will be useful for Kurnool. Who is the traitor of Rayalaseema.. That story will be solved here. Jagan is the one who loots Rayalaseema. Sand, alcohol, land, ground water are all needed by them. Brahmangari Ravvalakonda was also captured. Ponds are not left out. Chandrababu explained that when Amaravati was made the capital, we made plans to make it a metropolis with the idea of doing justice to the erstwhile capital, Kurnool.

Chandrababu convoy intercepted

Chandrababu left for TEDP office from the hotel where he was staying on Friday afternoon. Convoy vehicles moved ahead. At that time, some student union leaders stopped the convoy saying ‘Rayalaseema traitor’. After some time a police rope party came and stopped them. Later, while speaking at TDP office, Hafiz Khan’s followers raised slogans saying ‘Chandrababu-go back’. However, the police remained silent. Police arrested some of the lawyers who protested. After a while, they all appeared at the TEDP office and participated in the agitation. Chandrababu responded to this.. ‘Police.. if you can’t do it tell me I will come. We will chase away the Vaikapa bullies. Will you come to my house or office? How dare you? Bullying will be suppressed. I have been watching since yesterday. Just kidding. Do you want this tiger? We will beat the limit. I will not count my life to save democracy. What is the SP doing here?’ They flagged it. TDE leader Mandra Sivananda Reddy told Chandrababu that it was time for the flight. However, Chandrababu continued the meeting as if it did not matter. ‘I will stay here tonight if necessary. Week days. He said that he will go only after seeing their end.

Everyone should condemn this kind of work

‘Shabash was the initiative shown by the activists by standing in the way of the protestors. Heartfelt congratulations. I am not alone. Five crore people will support me. I don’t usually slip. Be very careful. Now I have to show my anger and rage. But I didn’t show it.. I don’t do petty politics like Vaikapa people. We will suppress the gang leaders in Rayalaseema.. But I warn you that it is not a big deal for me to suppress the political criminals and rowdies who are coming now. If you sleep at home because it is someone’s problem, if you are attacked tomorrow… if your house and property are taken over… if someone treats your daughters as they wish… there will be no one to greet you. This is a public issue. When such a problem arises, everyone should condemn it’, he said.

Tell us about the development

‘Not only Kurnool district, Rayalaseema has been developed by TEDP. At that time we asked the center to set up a high court bench in Kurnool. People should be explained about the development made by TDEPA. If necessary, a discussion should be made. Don’t be meek.. People should not believe Vaikapa’s myths’ TDP chief Chandrababu directed the leaders and activists. An internal meeting was held with the leaders of the Kurnool Lok Sabha constituency. The statue of NTR installed in front of the TDP office in the district center was unveiled on Friday. On this occasion, many instructions were given to the leaders and activists. If village level, mandal level and cluster in-charges are unable to work, leave. Stay motivated to work. How to take positions and not work? Leave the thoughts that posts will come only if the in-charge says. The state party is supreme. From the president to the worker, everything is one.

 Former corporator and Vaikapa state general secretary Nagaraju Yadav joined TDEPA under the leadership of TG Bharat along with 2000 people. On this occasion, Chandrababu said.. ‘NTRD is credited with increasing 25% reservation for backward classes. Later I increased it to 33%. It is Jagan who reduced it to 25%. He criticized that 50 federations were made by making plays.

Amaravati is the people’s approval

There is complete opposition to the government’s actions among the people. Jagan came out with unbridled rage against the anarchic regime. Voluntarily participated in the roadshow. People are against three capitals. Amaravati has public approval. TDP chief Chandrababu suggested to the activists that this matter should be taken further. He commented that he has been coming to Kurnool since forty years, but he has never seen such a crowd. He spoke at a meeting of Kurnool district chief activists. He said that after attacking the media, the ruling party remains without history. He said that if TDP leaders are arrested, they will immediately be placed in the RTGS group, and if anyone is arrested, they should ask for 41A notices. If the arrests are made in the middle of the night, they are advised to hold a dharna there along with 200 TDP workers.

How come so many people?

There is one volunteer for every fifty families. There is a fear that if someone does not listen, the schemes will be withdrawn. How come so many people have come to Chandrababu’s roadshow and public meetings?’ This is the discussion that started among the ruling party leaders after Chandrababu’s visit to Kurnool. Due to the unexpected arrival of people on the trip to Kurnool, the Vaikapa MLAs and district ministers of Pattikonda, Adoni, Emmiganoor, Kurnool, Panyam and Kodumuru constituencies started to get confused. Vaikapa leaders from Nandyala district are discussing that there is a possibility that the Chief Minister will call and take a class on this.