Twitter: Confusion on Twitter with Musk’s ultimatum!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Twitter: Musk, who said that he would make Twitter a platform for true freedom of speech, has now caused a huge mess in the organization. It seems that the employees are fed up with the unexpected decisions he is taking. The ultimatum issued by him saying whether he will stay.

San Francisco: Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the company has been in turmoil. Musk, who announced that changes are necessary to bring the company into profit, is taking unexpected decisions. Due to this, fraudulent situations are arising in the first place. What is he going to do? Uncertain about how Twitter will be shaped, employees are preparing to leave the company voluntarily. An ultimatum issued by him on Wednesday has further aggravated this confusion.

The bought ultimatum..

It is known that Musk sent an email to the employees on Wednesday asking them to work hard to improve the company or leave. Many employees are against asking for such a written guarantee. Many are inclined to leave the company fearing the future consequences if they agree to this. As a result, the very existence of the organization became questionable. Several people familiar with the matter said many were willing to go after Musk’s three-month deadline. It is reported that all the employees are posting ‘Salute Emoji’ in the internal communication platforms of the company.

If this is difficult!

It seems that key people are among those leaving the company. People and teams who know key information about how Twitter actually works are also reported to be ready to leave the company. They are expressing the opinion that it may not be possible to solve the problems caused by the changes brought by Musk. Moreover, since Musk acquired Twitter, it is reported that the US government has also focused on it. It seems that the opinion is being expressed that there is a danger of disturbing the peace and security in the country due to the increase in hate messages. If the government conducts a review on this, the employees feel that there is no possibility of Twitter coming out of it!

Vigilant management..

Alarmed by the collective decision of employees, Twitter has closed its offices until Monday, according to Bloomberg. It is reported that the management has written a letter to the employees. According to the company’s rules, it seems that the employees are asked not to reveal anything related to the company’s activities. In fact, Bloomberg said, citing sources familiar with the matter, that Musk did not expect employees to leave the company at this level because of Wednesday’s ultimatum.

Musk’s corrective measures..

It is reported that Musk was alerted immediately after noticing that the fraud was coming. It seems that Musk wrote a letter to the employees while there were only a few hours left to submit the form sent by issuing the ultimatum. He tried to appease the employees! It also seems that they have backed down on some provisions. Especially in the case of ‘work from home’, Musk tried to explain to the employees that they are planning to give an exception to those whose performance is confirmed by the managers. It is also reported that a meeting was held with some key people in the company. However, it seems that the employees are not backing down.