A project,of replacementing, the existing, conventional sodium, vapour lights, into Energy,Efficient LED Smart

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

A project of replacementing the existing conventional sodium vapour lights into Energy Efficient LED Smart

Street Lighting System with CCMS and controlling of smart led lights through control room.

The main objective of this project is energy savings by replacing all existing conventional lights to new energy efficient led streetlights with CCMS control across the constituency.

Apart from streetlights park lights/High mast lights and stadium lights have been brought under the scope of monitoring.

This project is aiming to replace Approx.18,000 nos old lights into new led lights which in turn will be
controlled by 900 nos CCMS (Centralised Control and Monitoring System).

Dedicated control room has been set up with in the constituency to monitor and control all led lights.

A user-friendly software has designed,developed, and installed to monitor these lights across the
constituency 24/7.

Benefits of Smart led lighting system
1) Power savings: -As per the base line survey and DPR report, present power consumption/annum is
about 1,43,27,680 KWH in the constituency with existing conventional lights.

Post implementation of LED lights, the power consumption would be Approx. 55,84,163 KWH/annum.Total power Saving – 60%

2) Savings on revenue: -The current annual expenditure on the cost of power across the constituency stands at Rs.10.00 crores annually along with the cost of power the cost of maintenance across 9 wards is additional.

Post implementation of this energy efficient project the annual expenditure towards power cost will
be reduced to approx,Rs.4.00 crores.Total savings: – 6.00 crores /annum.

3) Smart lighting controls: -The implementation of smart led streetlights with CCMS controls will eliminate issues like manual control of lights, attending to failures on a daily basis ensuring an uptime of over 98%through the year.This also helps in monitoring power thefts specifically in the lighting lines.

4) Uniform Lightings: -Based on the category of road as per the National lighting standard wattage of light would be introduced which would bring in uniformity of light across the boundary.