Congress which breaks country into pieces is doing Bharat Jodo, ridicules CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Congress leaders divided the nation into two parts,tried to make Punjab into Khalistan and the same party that breaks the country into pieces is now doing Bharat Jodo yatra,ridiculed Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at Jan Spandan Yatra organised by BJP here on Tuesday,he said former minister and Congress MLA Satish Jarkiholi has termed ‘Hindu’ as ‘Holasu’ (dirty) to appease the minorities votes.

Satish has insulted the Hindus of India.

“Our Hindu religion is not only old but has a rich heritage and culture.They wanted to have a discussion on this subject.

What’s there is in discussion.Former AICC President Siddaramaiah or Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah have not condemned it.The BJP will bounce back when it comes to the question of India’s identity”.

Congress dreaming of coming to power

He said the voters of this constituency had given overwhelming support for BJP. In 2018 Assembly elections,10 candidates lost with less than 500 votes and had they won the coalition government would not have come to power.

Since the Congress Party cannot be without power they formed the government from the background and even that did not become successful.The Congress leaders use power for their selfish reasons and they have started dreaming of coming back to power in the State.

The people must make determination to send them
back home.Divide and rule is the Congress policy. The previous Congress government led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah divided religion and ruled the state.Now they are into dividing religion.

The Congress has done injustice to the minorities and its leaders have looted the wakf property and a report to this effect has been placed in both houses of the State Legislature.It will be probed thoroughly.

Former CM, B.S.Yediyurappa, Ministers,Govind Karjol, C.C.Patil, B.C.Patil, B.Sriramulu and MP Shivakumar Udasi were present.