‘Mahardasa’ in words!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

CM Jagan has been making announcements for three and a half years that he will change the stage and direction of government universities and fill vacancies, but there are no records of implementation.

Over 71 percent of the posts are vacant in higher education for three and a half years, the government is withdrawing the funds of the

universities that have not appointed a VC for the
triple ITs.

CM Jagan has been making announcements for three and a half years that he will change the stage and direction of government universities and fill vacancies, but there are no records of implementation. While there are 3,864 sanctioned teaching posts in all the universities of the state, about 1,100 are currently working. There are more than 71 percent vacancies. There are many people who will retire in another three or four months. While there are no appointments.. on the other hand, the government is asking the funds of the universities to be deposited in the Financial Services Corporation. The cuts are being imposed while implementing full fee reimbursement. Fourth quarter fee not paid for undergraduate (UG) students in 2020-21. Many colleges collect this amount from the students. The government has stopped the payment of fees for post graduation (PG) courses in private colleges from 2020-21. As a result, the number of PG students has decreased. The Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology (RGUKT), which is related to TripleITs, has not been able to appoint at least a Vice-Chancellor for three and a half years. The Ongols have changed the construction site of TripleIT and dismantled the structures. CM Jagan’s statements made in many reviews and meetings for three and a half years.

The phase and direction of public universities should be changed. Vacant faculty and staff posts should be filled. Appoint well qualified people.

– CM Jagan


In these three and a half years, not a single post has been filled in the universities. The government has announced that it will issue a notification in February for filling the posts of 2,000 assistant professors. No notification has been received yet. While the universities are supposed to be supported by funds, the funds received by the universities in the form of children’s fees and other forms are being deposited in the State Financial Services Corporation. These amounts are used for other activities. So far the universities have deposited about Rs.150 crores in the corporation. The plight of not being able to take these back from the government. If this is the case, how will the universities get NAAC recognition and world class standards?.

CM: Triple ITs were destroyed in the previous government. Srikakulam triple IT works should be completed immediately. Work in Ongole should be taken up quickly.

Fact:There are 665 teaching posts vacant in TripleITs. At least the vice chancellor could not be appointed in three and a half years. Hemachandra Reddy, chairman of the Board of Higher Education, continues to be the in-charge vice-chancellor. Construction work of TripleIT building in Prakasam district has not started yet. In 2017, the then government laid the foundation stone for the structures at Doobagunta in Pamuru mandal and later this government shifted it to Ballipalli in Kanigiri mandal. It is estimated that Rs.1,200 crore will be spent on the construction of buildings and accommodation. In the first phase, Rs.200 crores were to be allocated but not a single paise was given. Construction in Srikakulam is still not complete. As a result, some students from Ongole and Srikakulam TripleITs were adjusted in Nujiveedu and Idupulapaya. In the past, students protested that there were no facilities in the old campus in Idupulapaya. The solution to this problem is keeping children beyond the limit in each room.

CM: AP is proud of Andhra University. It is a little disappointing that this great university, which has provided distinguished intellectuals, is ranked 14th in the country. We have noticed that the university has been receiving proper encouragement from the government for several years. The Vice-Chancellor says that there are 459 vacancies for teaching staff, so the government is in a dire situation.

Fact: Out of 936 posts in Andhra University, there are only 216 regular professors. The University is expected to deposit the unfunded funds in the State Financial Services Corporation. Andhra University has already deposited Rs.10 crores in the corporation. Rs.366 crores for salaries and pensions for sanctioned posts and another Rs.26 crores for those working in the minimum time scale. But the government is giving only Rs.280 crores for all. As a result, the university is spending more than Rs.100 crore annually from fees and other income. 

CM: We are implementing full fee reimbursement so that parents do not incur debt for their children’s education.

Fact:In 2020-21, the government did not pay the fourth quarter fee as the colleges did not manage properly due to Corona. About Rs.650 crores were not given. Most of the colleges collect fees from the students asking them to pay the full fee after completing the academic year and giving the lessons. As the fees were deposited in the mothers’ bank accounts, they took an amount that was unrelated to them. The government has announced that the payment of teaching fees for postgraduate (PG) education in private colleges will be stopped from 2020-21, but the dues have not been paid till then. In 2019-20, those who joined in the first year and those who are already in the second year, have to pay more than Rs.450 crores including old dues. The government has ordered a vigilance inquiry into the management of PG colleges. After receiving the vigilance report, the investigation was conducted with special committees. These reports reached the government. but, Fees arrears are not being paid. Colleges charge from students. Those who could not pay the fees left the certificates in the colleges.