Chinese spy ship effect.. Postponement of Indian missile test..!

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

A Chinese surveillance ship has entered the Indian Ocean. This development is alarming as it comes just days before India is scheduled to launch a key missile.

Delhi: The Indian Navy has revealed that it is closely monitoring the movements of the Chinese surveillance ship that entered the Indian Ocean. India’s key missile launch is likely to be postponed due to this surveillance ship.

India has recently issued a Notum (Notice to Airmen) that it will conduct a long-range ballistic missile launch on November 10-11. It seems that the experiment will be carried out from Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha coast. This missile, which travels a distance of 2,200 km, will travel in the area between Sri Lanka and Indonesia. However, a few days after this notice was issued, the Chinese vessel Yuan Wang-6 entered the Indian Ocean. The ship left the Indonesian coast of Bali on Friday morning.

Although Dragon says that it is a research vessel, it seems to be capable of conducting missile tests and observing the movements of satellites. As China sent this ship into the Indian Ocean a few days before the launch of the Indian missile, there are suspicions that the Dragon may have taken this action to keep an eye on our weaponry. It is in this order that the Strategic Forces Command intends to temporarily postpone the missile test, according to national media reports. Indian Navy sources revealed that they are closely monitoring the movement of the Chinese ship. They said that a mission is working tirelessly for this.

It is known that in August of this year, a surveillance vessel of the Chinese Navy, Yuan Wang-5, anchored at the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka. Although India expressed concern about the ship, the Lankan government allowed it. The ship docked at Hambantota dock from August 16-22. Sri Lanka leased this port to China for 99 years as it was unable to repay its debts. As a result, there is a risk of using it for military purposes.