CBI summons TMC MLA Aditi Munshi’s  husband to investigate post West Bengal violence

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Trinamool MLA Aditi Munshi’s husband Devraj Chakraborty is now under the CBI’s watch in the post-poll violence case. According to CBI sources, he was summoned to the CGO complex in Salt Lake on Tuesday for questioning in a murder case.A notice has been sent to him to appear at the CBI office at 11 o’clock today. Devaraj himself is a Trinamool (TMC) Councilor and Mayor Parishad of Bidhannagar. He appeared at the CBI office on time. He was interrogated for a couple of hours.In June last year, the hanging body of a youth named Prasenjit Das was recovered from his house in Sukantapalli area of ​​Baguiati. Prosenjit’s parents found the dead body in his house early in the morning. They claimed that the son had cigarette butt marks on his hands. Initially, the police assumed that someone known to them entered and killed Prosenjit. According to police sources, the youth in his thirties used to supply building materials to the area. After getting the post poll violence investigation in hand, the murder is now under the attention of CBI.According to CBI sources, Devaraj has been summoned to find out how much information Devaraj Chakraborty has about the incident, how much he knew Prosenjit, who is under suspicion. He appeared before the central investigators at the CGO complex in Salt Lake at 11 o’clock that day. Lawyers were with him. Before entering the CGO complex, he said, “I have come to assist in the investigation. I don’t want to say anything right now. If you call again, I will come again.”Devaraj’s political life is long. He was a Congress worker. Later he joined Trinamool. Singer and star MLA Aditi Munshi’s husband is well-known in the area as a youth Trinamool leader. At the moment the councilor of BidhannagarPurnigam is Debraj Chakraborty. However, Devaraj’s close friends do not understand why the CBI summoned him in the murder of Prasenjit Das.