Subhendu Adhikari’s brother Soumendu Adhikari in the face of Police cross-examination

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Soumendu Adhikari summoned for questioning at Kanthi police station.From which sources Soumendu Adhikary got the hugemoney which he had spent  to see the game in London come from? Police wants answer to this question from Soumendu Adhikari. That is why the police officials interrogated him for the third time on Friday. The former Mayor of Kanthi Municipality Soumendu Adhikari was also summoned. He must show his last 10 years income tax return along with his passport.  Not only that, the calculation of how much allowance, mobile, meeting allowance the former Mayor had used to receive from the municipality had also been asked by the police.Soumendu Adhikari, brother of Subhendu Adhikari, appeared at Kanthi police station for the third time on Friday. On February 28, 2021, a club in Kanthi was accused of attacking the house of a local Trinamool leader. The team of attackerswas led by Soumendu Adhikari. As a result, the canal side of Kanthi city took on the appearance of a battlefield.Police kas also registered a case after the incident. The Kanthi police station gave a notice to the youngest brother of SubhenduAdhikari for interrogation in the investigation of that case. In view of the notice, Soumendu appeared at the Kanthi police station on Friday around 12:30 noon. After about 5 hours of interrogation, he left the police station around 5:45 PM. Soumendu took the Gita to pass the time during the interrogation. He claimed that the investigators did not allow him to read the Gita. So he could not even read.Police interrogated Soumendu Adhikari for 10 hours on Friday. His elder brother Subhendu Adhikari was shocked by this. He is now the leader of the opposition in the state. He has repeatedly threatened to overthrow the government. n recent past, many of the West Bengal State leaders-ministers have been harassed by central agencies.